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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Food and Exercise -- Sparkpeople

My friend Judy recently introduced me to the SparkPeople website, an online health and wellness tool that helps monitor your eating and exercise habits. I have already had experience with websites such as Fitday, but I find that the Sparkpeople website is more intuitive and their interface is a lot more user-friendly. For someone who is trying to focus on their health and who doesn’t have time or money to join an organization such as Weight Watchers, Sparkpeople is a great alternative.

Like other healthy eating organizations, Sparkpeople has the basic tenets of a good program: up-to-date information and tools, a system for personal accountability, and a community section where you can get support from like-minded people all over the world. Personally, I don’t use the community section, but I do use the food and exercise section extensively and I find it helpful to monitor my food intake to make sure I am getting the right kind of food, and the right amount of it.

Check it out!


At 8:29 PM, Anonymous Shanna said...

I have been using Sparkpeople for two and a half months, and combined with exercsing a few times a week, I have lost 22 lbs. I love that website. I'm not into the community aspect because it's so hard to navigate and it's just plain ugly (also, no one can spell or form reasonable sentences). But the site in general is great!

At 9:16 AM, Blogger T.S said...

Thanks for the info! I will keep that in mind about the community stuff too. I haven't really looked around too much in that area, but I assumed it would be as decent as the site.

Congrats on the loss! That's awesome!


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